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 April 9-10, 2023 - Citra, FL
An Amazing Renourish and Flourish Retreat Experience

A RETREAT to RECHARGE, REBALANCE and RELAX - Enjoy this amazing experiential learning and coaching experience with horses and kayaking on the beautiful crystal clear water of the renowned Silver River in Ocala, FL

Are you exhausted and overwhelmed from always giving or caring for others?

Have you lost your connection to your self and how to fill your own needs?

Has your life become so out of balance, your fuse is short, and you can barely function?

Is your tank empty?  You are so drained, there is nothing left to give. You just want to feel alive again?

Are you craving for someone to pamper you?  You just need "me" time.

You will find your internal strength again. Recharge your batteries. Through working with horses, you will learn to create healthy boundaries, so you can share with an open heart, but still protect your own needs and space. You'll learn how to empower yourself to effectively communicate your needs and openly receive.

Have you lost connection with your true self, because you are always putting other people's needs first?


 You carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. You put other's needs over your own.  You've lost your sense of who you are. We will help you reconnect with your self, get you grounded and secure on your feet again. The Horses and the River will help you get your flow back in your life and feel strong in your connection to your self and find your true power again.

Does your life feel chaotic and out of control. Are you in survival mode? Do you feel like you have lost the balance in your life?

We will help you regain your emotional, mental and physical balance again.  Help you find balance between your self care time and always giving to others.  The horses and the river will help restore your balance, help you feel grounded, yet also help you gain your flow back.

Do you feel like you are strung too tight, your stress levels are maxing out, and you just need some "me time"? 


You have earned this "me time"!! You can finally relax, calm your cells and let healing occur.  Horses and the river will naturally calm and restore your nervous system. You will find a sense of connection back to nature and yourself.

This retreat will renourish your soul again. You will leave feeling Alive, Strong, and ready to Thrive.

Manatees in the river
Monkeys on the river

You Deserve This!  It is time to Renourish, Reconnect and Flourish again.  

What is Included

* Housing - sharing a cracker style home with retreat participants

* Fresh and healthy Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

* Morning Meditations

* One on one sessions with horses - both days

* Group Coaching and Reflection Classes

* Kayak/Canoe Silver River - one day (optional)

* Time to relax, reflect, reharge on 50 beautiful acreas of majestic oaks and fields

* Personalized Aromatouch Massages (optional)

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