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My name is Lisa Howell.  I have been a passionate registered nurse since 1994.  I have always known that my purpose in life is to help others heal.  Despite working in an ICU, Open Heart, and Medical Surgical field for >25 years, I always knew something was missing in the method of care we delivered.   Our current healthcare model is failing, as we are becoming sicker versus healthier. We treat with pills to cover the symptom versus a health care model of prevention.  I believe our health is achieved through the caring of our whole bodies - mind, body, and spirit to achieve optimal health.  Our body has the amazing ability to heal itself and prevent disease with the right attention, support, and care.   As a nurse, I have had the opportunity to help patients and families through some of their hardest and happiest times in their life. But, the current model of health care doesn't teach, encourage, or support the patient on how to create a healthy life.  That is why I am so passionate about blending these two roles and being a Holistically minded Nurse Health and Wellness Coach.  I can now help you to create a healthy, happy, and harmonious life.


My Credentials are:

*  Board Certified Nurse Coach and Holistic Wellness Coach with the American Nurses Association

*   Certified as a Strategic Intervention Coach. 

*   Certified as a Human Needs Coach through the Robbins Madanes Coaching Certification Program.

*  Certified Aromatouch Therapist

*  A Registered Nurse

My Passion is helping people improve the quality of  their life.  I am blessed with an amazing husband, 3 beautiful horses and 2 dogs who all keep me in balance and in line with remaining present, grounded and my best version of myself. 


Wellness is something that you can obtain at any stage of your life, regardless of whether you are sick or not. Regardless of what diagnosis or condition you have, you deserve to live well and thrive.  Our health is our most precious commodity.

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