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Hi, I'm Lisa Howell
Registered Nurse and Holistic Wellness Coach

Do you crave to have better health, harmony, and joy in your life?
Frustrated with your inability to make sustainable changes?
Feel like you don't have the support to make your life better.

I am here to help!

I help women learn to honor and nurture the relationship with themselves, tapping into that beautiful power within - which creates more joy and inner peace - resulting in better health, happiness and harmony in their life.  

My Holistic Vision

Your true health comes from your emotional, mental, and physical state.  You achieve true health by balancing and optimizing all these areas of your whole being. When one is out of balance, it affects all areas of your health. My vision is to help you strengthen, manage, and balance all three areas, so you can truly  thrive in your life.

You will be shown a path to make your goals a reality.  I will help you make lasting changes in your overall health and happiness. We will create new patterns and habits, so you create and maintain the life you dream of and deserve.

Together we will take you from a place of desperation, frustration,  and stagnation to a place of fruition.  


Through a holistic mindset, you will find great physical health again, lower stress levels, less anxiety, more energy, happier life, and true purpose for living a life of EASE not DisEASE . 

You will become empowered to leave your life of survival mode to a life of a Thriving mode.


You will regain faith in yourself  - gain your internal strength, and belief that you have the power within you - to create the life you dream of.



 My Space for You


I create a safe space to reflect and discover where you really are in your life and health. 

You will be heard. You will be safe. 

You will have the opportunity to speak your truth, your fears, and your limitations with no judgment.  With an open heart, I am here to serve you, support you, and create the life you desire.

Together we will do deep inner work to allow you to be your best version of yourself.

We will create a clear vision of where you want to be.  We will explore obstacles, limiting beliefs, and patterns that are stopping progress.


I will help you reframe your mindset to eliminate obstacles, and create a clear path forward towards your goals. 


I will empower you to know that you can do anything you set your mind to. I believe in your abilities and dreams.


We will safely balance all areas of your life emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually, so you can achieve your healthiest version of yourself.  



 Dreams to Reality


Are you ready to finally make a change? 


I promise to help you find ways to improve your health and wellbeing. 

Together we will make those positive changes in your life, you so desperately want to make.


I will help your stressful life feel more at ease.

I will help you change that anxious feeling to calm.


You will find renewed sources of energy to make your life vibrant again.


Your physical health will become something that you are proud of.


You will heal holistically covering all aspects of your health.

You will move out of survival mode to a thriving mode.

Together we will create a path for you to transform your life to the one you have always dreamed of.



Are you at your wits end with traditional medicine not improving your health?  Let me help you gain back control of your health and create Ease vs disease in your life.  By addressing the whole body, mind, and spirit -  Can true health can be achieved.

Do you feel broken? Like pieces of your life are not working?  You are scared you are falling apart?  Together we will find areas of your life that are working and build from there to repair your self and soul.

Have you lost your connection to true joy, feeling unfulfilled, living with sadness, feeling like there is something more.  You've achieved things, you've been successful, but still can't connect to your true joy?  Something is missing?  As a strategic intervention coach, I have been trained to guide you on a path to connect to your inner truth, your true heart's desire.

Are you overwhelmed with burdens, that make it impossible to function.  I specialize in getting you back on track.

Do you feel like the compilation of stressors in your life is stealing your ability to feel joy?  We will discover areas in your life that will re-ignite your fire and joy!

Is your internal strength diminishing, you are running on empty and feeling depleted.  Do you yearn to feel strong, vibrant and free again?  Your strength has never left, it has just been overshadowed.  Through deep inner work, we can connect with that true power that lies within you. And you can feel strong, empowered, and alive again.

Do you suffer from mental blocks that are leaving you stagnant,  You know you can be so much more, but your fears are stalling your progress.  I specialize in helping you learn how to reframe your beliefs, do away with those self- limiting ideas,  and go for your dreams.

Is your tank empty and you feel so depleted? You've been caring for others over yourself?  You can only give what is in your cup.  We will dispel the myth that it is selfish to have "Me" Time and discover the Gold Value that is in it. You will discover how to keep your tank full.


Are you disappointed with you physical shape? You can't enjoy activities that your heart desires?   Do you have physical pain?  Are you suffering from an illness and not sure how to cope?  Let's change that!  With support, mindset shifts, and desire to make it happen, you can take back control and improve your physical condition. It's time to be proud of your body!

Your physical, mental, and emotional states are interconnected in creating optimal health.  If one area is deficient it affects all the others and leads to a life of Dis-EASE.  Let's change that.

All it takes is a call.   Experience the power of a coaching conversation to improve your life in more ways than you could imagine.





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